Subversive Truthiness Sampler on Colbert

We here at Subversive are BIG fans of the Colbert, we’ve been loyal viewers since Day One. About 8 years ago, I sent Stephen a sampler of his phrase “Truthiness” which I read in several interviews that he kept in his office. He also sent me a wonderful handwritten noting saying the same (see it here).

So it was really fun to see the sampler show up on last night’s broadcast during a segment where Stephen had a yard sale of all the stuff accumulated in nine years! I don’t know if this was for real or if they’ll actually be selling things online or who knows what, but I’ve been waiting all these years hoping for a glimpse of this on screen and here it is! Yeay! Looking forward to Colbert’s next chapter, he’s our favorite!

Holiday Shipping [UPDATED]


Andy and Truman wouldn’t leave the party early and neither will we. We are still here and shipping like mad! The last chance to have anything arrive pre-Christmas is FRIDAY 12/19 and choose Priority Mail (according to the USPS).

ALSO, if you’re last-minute shopping we have SO many options for you:

You may have heard I have a book coming out in February… you could pre-order that (there’s a free gift card we can mail to you or the giftee).

Our fabulous PDF Gift Pack means you get 10 PDF patterns for the price of 5. The recipient can choose the patterns and they’re delivered via email. You can choose a gift card here to send to them directly with a promo code up to the last minute! Available until December 31st (gift codes may arrive when we resume business in the new year, so be patient please).

And of course we also have gift cards (my favorite thing to receive). Those are automatically sent, so this may be your best bet for last-minute gifts!

WE WILL TAKE A BREAK after Friday and cease shipping until the new year. You can still shop, but please be aware. Thank you for this incredible year of sales, we are thoroughly exhausted!!

PDF Gift Pack is back!

Here’s a great idea either as a gift for yourself or your friends: Give ‘em our PDF Gift Pack: for a flat rate of $25, you’ll get a promo code good for 10 PDFs (a $50 value). That’s enough half-price PDFs to keep you or your friend busy for months!

This year I’ve made a bunch of gift cards you can print out to give the recipient (not just for the Gift Pack, but you’ll find them all on that page.

Follow the directions here to get your PDF Gift Pack and enjoy the graphics! (there will be more).