These are too cute

I found these little gadgets today, and they also have a lot of cell phone case kits as well. So cute, wish I could offer them here. I wonder if people will use them? It doesn’t seem like people stick cute things in their phones outside of Japan, but maybe I’m wrong.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale!


All orders under $25 include free shipping with the promo code USA

All orders over $25 are 20% off with the promo code OVER25

promo codes good through Monday night at midnight.

The Subversive Cross Stitch Flickr Group

In case you’re not familiar with our Flickr group, here’s the deal. It’s a great place to share your creations, both SCS and your originals. Also, the latest images from the group show up across the bottom of my home page (go ahead, look, I’ll wait!)

I go through the pool of images now and then and mark favorites, add comments and get inspiration! If something really strikes me, I’ll share it and possibly any associated Etsy shop or website on the SCS Facebook and Twitter feed. So, you know, share the goodies!

I’m always asked for recommendations for other sites that have subversive-y patterns or work for sale, and I always direct them to the Flickr pool.

Not into Flickr anymore? You can also share stuff through Twitter or Instagram by adding the hashtag #subversivecrossstitch. I look at that stuff, too.

However you do it, I love seeing what you’re up to–it keeps me going and it usually really cracks me up, too. Show and tell!!

Fortune Cookie

I get some weird ones – the last one was “Try To Develop Your Own Personality”, which I eventually turned into a cross stitch pattern. I wonder what new hobby my flamboyant personality will get me into THIS time! Stay tuned, you’ll be the first to know.