You may have heard by now via enews, FB or Twitter that I’m having a contest for a new phrase. I’ve gotta say this is truly the most fun thing I’ve done in a long time. You guys are REALLY hilarious smart-asses! I have no idea how I’ll decide on one winner, so I’m thinking of a way to have a kind of honor court of winners… more than just a first-place prize. I LOVE it, please keep ‘em comin’! Here’s the low-down on the contest in case you didn’t see it:

I really liked the squirrel phrase that became the PDF pattern. Since that one was suggested by one of you & is something I never would have thought of, how about a little contest to see what else is in your collective genius? Email me your phrase idea and if it’s the best of the bunch, you’ll win a $50 gift certificate!

Deadline is Tuesday, June 5th & I’ll announce the winner on the 6th, then turn the phrase into a PDF available on the site. I hope your thinking cap comes with air conditioning!

2 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Great comp! My suggestions:

    And the horse you rode in on

    Because I’m the fucking Queen!

    The satnav made me do it

    Go the fuck to sleep

    It’s only half past 10 but I don’t care, it’s wine o’clock somewhere

  2. Being kicked out of a bowling alley for being rowdy is like being the smartest kid in special ed.