Interview with Miss Cross Stitch

I finally got around to interviewing Miss Cross Stitch and you can read the results on the Make/Craft blog! I am in awe of that girl, she inspires me.

Did You Know?* I used to be a regular columnist for Craft and even contributed to their print edition back in the day. All my previous columns are here in case you have some time to kill! ;)

*I’m thinking of starting a new thing on this blog called DID YOU KNOW?, where I take you back in time over the past 10 years to random points of possible interest. Dorky, huh? I’ll have to come up with a dorky logo for this feature. Honk!

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In case you didn’t know, we’ve had a Subversive Cross Stitch group on Flickr for years now where we hope you’ll continue to share your work. Whether it’s pieces you’ve stitched from our kits or patterns or your own original work, as long as it’s subversive it’s welcome! Here are a few of my recent favorites.

You might have noticed that the most recent photos from our Flickr group show across the bottom of our home page.

If you’re on Instagram, just tag your photos with #subversivecrossstitch so we can be wowed by your work!