New pins and magnet sets!

buttons, pins, magnets, busy, beaver, subversive, cross stitch, To celebrate our 10th year in bizznass, the fine folks at Busy Beaver Buttons made these adorable pin and magnet packs for us! Squee! Want one? I’m including them for FREE in all orders over $50 beginning today (until supplies last) OR if you really want one bad you can just buy the pack here.

As you probably know, I love Busy Beaver and they’ve been doing all the buttons, pins, magnets and bottle openers that I include in orders for every one of the past 10 years. They’re great to work with and it’s fun to see them constantly expand their line.

This pack includes three 1.5″ pins and the “Fancy Fuck” piece is a magnet. They’ll be FREE with orders over $50 while supplies last, or if you can’t wait you can order one here right now. Super-collectible, don’t you think? This should be put in a time capsule and opened in 3013!

Wear them all at once and display your Subversive pride with SPIRIT! Hee!

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