Beware of Dog, starring Hank

Subversive stitcher Hillary sent in this hilarious photo of her dog with our PDF pattern she stitched and said, “My dog’s name is Hank, he’s a ten-year-old, bitter, gay, Australian Shepherd. He could be straight, but I dunno, he’s a level of bitter only old drag queens usually achieve.” LOL! She also said that cross stitch is “crack—methodical, soothing crack.” Ha!

How’s about a logo tee?

UPDATE: I’m not selling these on this site at the moment, but stay tuned–I’m opening up a separate shirt shop with lots of designs! More to come…

Cute, huh? Now you take the all-cotton Subversive logo gal with you and strike up a conversation about your favorite subversive hobby!

And if you stay tuned to our Facebook page, you might just win one!