Subtly subversive clothes & jewelry

I have loved Locher’s Paris for a very long time–I was so thrilled to discover her site that I even interviewed her once years ago because I had to find out what she was all about. So I was SUPER happy to see that she has added a bunch of new goodies by expanding her clothing and jewelry line. I think we were separated at birth, her stuff is the bomb!! Check out these shirts (you can click them for info):

Also, don’t miss her jewelry, too. I am totally in love all over again!

Breaking Bad, Bitch!

I must admit I’m a little late to the game but we’re catching up, having watched seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad over the past two months. So of course I’ve been waffling about whether or not to stitch the phrases I’ve been jotting down–it’s so tempting, but I feel like it’s all been done. Anyway, how cool was it that Jimmy Kimmel gave Aaron Paul this cross stitch sampler a couple of nights ago? I’ve been trying to find out who created it, but no luck yet. Let me know if you know so I can sing their praises! Cross stitch, bitch!!

Guest Blogger!!

[I LOVE the blog Badder Homes & Gardens, so I was delighted when BH&G's real-life-adorable-and-snarky Nikki agreed to share her recent experience with cross stitch. She talked me into my very first cross stitch get-together, so you KNOW I must like her. Nikki turned out to be my STAR PUPIL! Who knew? xo julie]

Cross-stitch? I’ve never even had my hip replaced! I’m not a card-carrying member of AARP! My pubes are still their natural shade! Well, you get the idea. Cross-stitch is for people that eat LuAnn Platters at 4:00 in the afternoon. Not super rad cat lovers that still watch Golden Girls. What. Fuck. I’m it. I was first introduced to the idea of not-just-for-Gammies cross-stitch while writing a blog called Badder Homes & Gardens. Okay, that’s a lie. Maybe. I bought the Subversive Cross Stitch book before I ever knew Julie Jackson was from Dallas. (And you know the state that executes together, stays together. THAT’S SARCASM.) So Julie was my gateway drug. But once I knew this whole genre of rad ass shit out there I couldn’t be stopped. Well, I could actually because I’m a buyer, not a do-er. So I got the book and tried to cross stitch, but it wasn’t right at all. The book went on my shelf and became the 9,000th project I’d complete someday alongside decoupage-ing, shadow boxes, making Jello and other highly challenging activities.

A year or two went by and it finally dawned on me, “Wait a minute, I know Julie Jackson and that B could teach me to stitch.” So we threw a party with pizza, mini bundt cakes/butter catchers, booze and iced coffee. It was the best night ever and I learned all the tricks of the trade. Namely, separate out the embroidery floss. You don’t need ALL the strings, just two. That’s it. I just revealed the secret to the universe. Was that anti-climatic? If so, re-read it and click this: Daaamn, right? And someday soon-ish I will actually complete my “Don’t Be A Dick” stitchery. Seriously. I will. Get off my back, you’re not my mom. Besides, I’m almost done with the shadow box I started in January. Almost.