Working on new kit designs!

It’s been a VERY trying time since October in my personal life, with several sudden losses including my dad in January, some illness, the loss of our best kitty (Boone from Kitty Wigs) and adjusting to having my mom two miles away in Assisted Living (which is super delightful but diverts my attention from YOU).

Things seem to be settling down, so I’m finally designing some new kits for you! I forgot how much I love to do this. If you’d like a sneak peek at the process, follow me on Instagram where you’ll see who the true mastermind is behind Subversive Cross Stitch — Paducah!

Memorial Day Weekend Sale


Starting here, starting now, enjoy 20% off everything on our site through the weekend. Hopefully it will help you bite your tongue around family while muttering BITCH, PLEASE under your breath. Or thinking CHILL THE FUCK OUT when your nephew won’t stop running around screaming WIENER WIENER WIENER like a little girl. Next year, plan to bring a flask and find a cozy spot in the shade while you read a nice book.
Just use promo code HOTDAMN at checkout through Monday evening (5/26/2014). Then relax, knowing that Subversive help is on the way!