Big Kit Sale!

Starting my sale SO respectfully late, mostly because I got a little Drinky Crow last night and just woke up. Don’t tell anyone. Oops, internet. Oh well. Enjoy 25% off all kits through Sunday — you know you need to get busy on presents if you want your holidays to be swanky, right? Yeah. Use promo code GETBUSY. I’m going back to bed now.

Pre-Order the New Book!

I am SO excited to finally get to tell you more about my second book of Subversive Cross Stitch! You can pre-order a copy here on our site and we can even send a special little gift card to the recipient before the holidays if it’s a gift.

Here’s the deal: the official release date is February 24, 2015, but I will have copies here to sign and ship in early February. So I thought I’d pre-sell in case you want to make it a holiday gift for someone (I mean, you can order one for yourself as well of course!). The cards are really cute–not here yet but I’ll post an image on the book page when they arrive.

This book includes all the patterns from my first book, which is out of print and I know some of you have been trying to find one. So I included everything from the first, plus added enough new patterns to make it a book of FIFTY total patterns. I redesigned all of the charts to make them easier to read and also added stitch counts for each chart. Plus, there are three alphabet charts, a DIY grid and a photo of my mom in space!

I’m really excited about it–I’ve waited four years to work with the publisher, powerHouse books, because they do beautiful work and I wanted to do a book with a company that doesn’t usually do craft books. They mostly do art and photography books.

I will have my copy in mid-December and you can bet I’ll share more images then. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details and pre-order on our site for earliest delivery. Thank you for your support and excitement, I really hope you love it!

The Perfect Subversive Gift

Nothing makes me happier than a tiny “fuck” stitched by hand and dressed up in a small ornate, vintage, gilded frame–my original inspiration for starting Subversive Cross Stitch. It still makes me giddy with delight.

The best part is seeing the look on someone’s face when they realize what you’ve just given them. It’s a delicious way to show them that you truly do give a fuck.

I’m sharing my coveted collection of vintage frames by turning them into one-of-a-kind originals, hand-stitched by me. Each piece is in a gilded frame with an antique wallpaper-finished back and signature. The wallpaper samples are actually used in my upcoming 2015 book.

This is a very limited edition of fucks! From $50-150 in our FUCK shop.

More Extreme Cross Stitch

After my last post about Shannon Downey extreme cross stitching, I received this amazing photo and email from Kirsty G:

Good morning from the UK! 

I’ve just seen the photo of the extreme cross sticher on Facebook and I thought I’d share my most extreme photo with you too. Obviously, great subversive cross stitchers think alike! 

My husband is in the UK Military and is currently deployed. While he’s away I try and raise money for charity by doing silly things (it keeps me busy!). This year my friends have been setting me various challenges. I am currently in the middle of “50 photos of extreme cross stitching”. The photo attached is my most extreme so far. It was taken on the Falkland Islands (in the South Atlantic) last week and it’s next to a mine field.

Well…wow! I couldn’t wait to share with you, but I did because when I asked if she had more photos, she created this blog to share more of her adventures with us! Go check out her amazing photos and all the extreme situations she managed to cross stitch in. And she’s doing it all for charity — if you donate to her cause, you can suggest a new challenge for her! From the looks of the photos, I think she’s up for it! Way to go, Kirsty!

Meet Shannon Downey of Badass Cross Stitch

I discovered Badass Cross Stitch while browsing around on Instagram and I was immediately drawn to the photos. I got to know the creator, Shannon Downey, a bit more and that’s when I saw these AMAZING thread organizers she was creating and I was like, Subversive peeps need to know about this! I love them so much I’m selling them here on my site! Then I saw Shannon post photos of a train trip to cross stitch in the Montana wilderness (tagging it #ExtremeStitching and #ExtremeCrossStitching) and I was all, Okay, I seriously need to share this and NOW. So here we go:

Shannon, where did you come from and what are you all about (where have you been all my life)?

I’m a Boston native who gets uncomfortable being in one spot for too long so basically I move and travel all the time. I have called Chicago home base for the last 9 years. I started a marketing company nearly 8 years ago and spend my days creating marketing strategies for companies, organizations and nonprofits that are creating positive social change. I am a faculty member at DePaul University and an advisor for the soon-to-be-open Geek Bar in Chicago. I like to be involved in pretty much anything that is fun, geeky, crafty or focused on social good.

How did you get into cross stitch?

With all of the digital work that I do, I started to really crave some analog creative outlets so a few years ago I went hard at cross stitching (and some other fiber arts). It is feeding my soul and now I’m working on turning it into a much larger portion of my life.

I learned to cross stitch in 5th grade. I didn’t do much with it until I stumbled upon a killer Walking Dead pattern on Etsy by You Make Me Sew Happy. I started stitching one character a week while I watched the show. Then I couldn’t stop. I was stitching custom portraits of my friends, creating patterns, teaching classes and inventing products to stitch on. It’s now gone to full on obsession. I have a lot in the works. I’m in love with the stitching community that exists online. 

Tell us about your #ExtremeStitching posts.

Extreme stitching just happened. I was in Montana on vacation and had spent 30 hours on a train drinking bourbon and stitching. Several times some older ladies walked by me and commented that they didn’t know how I could possibly stitch on the train because of how bumpy it was. Someone said the word extreme and it was game on. So I brought my cross stitching everywhere I went that week. Hiking, kayaking, climbing, etc. It was really just for my own amusement but now I totally want to make it a thing. I want everyone to be #ExtremeStitching. Really, I just think it’s fun to fuck with the perception that needle arts are old fashioned (Much like you and your community does!).

I couldn’t agree more.

Find Shannon’s Badass Cross Stitch shop here. And don’t miss her on Instagram!

And if you’re in Chicago, you can go see Shannon’s work in a show October 10th.

Also, check out these interviews she does with Seriously Badass Women
(stay tuned to the blog to meet another Extreme Stitcher!)

Great blog post about our kits

Style Yourself Vintage did a really fantastic blog post about what’s in our kits and how to tackle your first time cross stitching. It’s so thorough with lots of photos — better than I could do! I’ve added it to our How-To page so you can always access or share it if you forget where it is. It’s just the best explanation I’ve ever seen. Thanks, Harrie!!

(photo from Style Yourself Vintage)

Boom! Weekend Sale!

Working on a lot of things including a NEW BOOK for Spring 2015! New kit designs starting next week on the site. And a few other gems that will burst onto the scene over the next few months, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the sale!