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BOOKS you really oughta have on your shelf


The Subversive Stitch
I LOVE this book and they're finally reprinting it. It's the essential guide to stitching throughout history and how women have always been subversive in their crafts. A definite must-read.

Stitchy McYarnpants
Stitchy is heelarious! This book really is laugh-outloud-funny, with wacky vintage craft photos and commentary by Stitchy herself.

The Crafter Culture Handbook
The newest book on the block - includes a huge variety of projects including a pattern from Yours Truly.

The New Crewel
Gorgeous book by the fabulous Katherine Shaughnessy of Wool & Hoop. This book is so elegant and crewel is easy to pick up!

Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces
The enormously talented Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl is back with a second book!

50 Inspired T-Shirt Transformations: Projects from all your favorite crafters and then some!

Tsia of put this yummy book together. It's packed with unusual projects that go way beyond the usual craft fare.

Embroidered Effects
Jenny Hart presents a big collection of her illustrated embroidery transfers in this handy book that you'll use again and again.

Happy Kitty Bunny Pony
Of course the images (from CSA) are unbearably cute, but the snarky text steals the show.

Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the other book I wrote! Kitty Wigs, yeay!



This great mag by Debbie Stoller is a long-time favorite. It reads my mind every time.

The original think-outside-the-box and do-it-your-own-self publication. Very sharp.

I caught on to make late in the game; it's perfect for the curious tinkerer in you. Make is the sister magazine to Craft, which is now an online magazine (and I happen to be one of their regular columnists!)

SHOPPIN' from A to Z

bee listy's etsy shop
Dang!! This girl does some AMAZING cross stitch portraits, and those suckers are serious work!

ex-libris anonymous
The very best things in the world. Blank journals made from kooky old books. Love 'em!

Incredible subversively embroidered shirts and necklaces from Nicole at Locher's!

if'n books
Really nice books, the only handmade bookbinder I recommend. Sturdy, artsy and also hilarious. Don't miss the Cancerpants Superfuntime Kit!

Crafty Planet
Darling shop in Minneapolis that carries all things crafty. Shop online if you're not in MN.

These are amazing greeting cards that echo Subversive sentiments. Lots of "f" words here.

bolsa bonita
These bags are the bomb - fuzzy-tailed squirrels, Burt Reynolds with a fur moustache...



animated cross stitch, grids, fonts
All right here on our "How-To" page

Make Your Own Cross Stitch Chart in Photoshop
Kinda like pixel art, really.

Another place to upload images and convert them to charts.

Leah Kramer is the Queen of Crafts and this is her kingdom. The online craft community forums you'll refer to again and again.

The software program used here at SCS HQ. Pretty simple and basic way to plan patterns.

Be sure to visit the glitter boards for a great place to swap ideas and tips. Great forum for aspiring DIY enterpreneurs.


Subversive group at Flickr
This group grows every day -- this is where Subversive customers post their latest work and their own original sayings. Talk about inspiration!

mr x stitch
Jamie is fabulous - his site gives you an amazing overview of what's going on in the world of cross stitch.

Kate Pemberton is a UK-based artist with an international reputation for electronic and textile based contemporary art. She does some seriously kick-ass work.

"A compendium of craft masquerading as art, art masquerading as craft, and craft extending its middle finger." Garth will take very good care of you - he finds the cooooolest stuff.

I'm a huge fan of Whitney Lee's work. She makes incredible latch-hook rugs and sells kits that are very doable.

Kate Westerholt
Truly amazing samplers that incorporate music and pop culture. Love 'em..

megan whitmarsh
Follow the link to see her very modern and fun embroidery work.

Andrea Dezso
Staggering works of embroidery genius illustrate superstitions handed down in her family.

Laura Splan
From her "blood scarf" to an embroidered catheter cosy... this is some amazing art.

TED Talks
Anytime I need a creative jolt, I steal away a half hour to watch one of these presentations from the TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) site. Here's Joshua Prince-Ramus, just for starters. Explore!


a note on links: I limit my links to things that I am personally wowed by or find helpful. I don't swap links
at random, these are really the places I'm spending my time and my internet dollar.
That said, I know I'm missing a few things... so feel free to send suggestions!

last updated: March 19, 2010

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