Subversive Gift Ideas

A few quick gift ideas for the stitchers or Subversive peeps in your life:

 Gift Cards, available in many denominations!

PDF Gift Pack, PDFs at half price!
They can choose their own and take a year to decide.

Glittery buttons with smart-ass phrases to make them laugh.

Limited-edition iron on patch!

You can also send kits to the stitchers or stitch up a last-minute gift with our instantly-downloadable PDFs. There’s still time! Happy happy!

PDF Gift Pack and more

Here’s a great idea either as a gift for yourself or your little dog friends: Give ‘em our PDF Gift Pack: for a flat rate of $25, you’ll get a promo code good for 10 PDFs (a $50 value). That’s enough half-price PDFs to keep you or your friend busy for months!

We also have gift cards in several denominations, offered instantly through the technological miracle of Shopify!!


I’ve been trying to make a video, these are SO amazingly awesome! Thanks to those who submitted phrases and ideas for our button contest, these cracked us up the most. Busy Beaver Buttons did an amazing job making these super-glittery, too!

Now shipping with all orders, you’ll get one at random as long as your order is in a padded mailer. OR, if you can’t stand it, you can purchase a set of all four for your very own!

Button Design Contest!

* I’ve extended the contest dates – see below!

I want to make some fun new holiday buttons to put in outgoing orders this year and I need your design help! The winner will receive one promo code to spend up to $100* on our site for yourself or those on your gift list.

*Prizes will be: ONE $100 promo code for the best artwork submitted; TWO $50 promo codes for my next two favorites. PLUS we’ll put your name in the text on the back rim of the button! You will also receive 10 of your winning, finished buttons when we receive the final order.

Here’s how to win:

- Go to Busy Beaver Buttons and decide which button size and shape you like. Since it would be difficult to provide you with high-resolution images of everything on our site, you may submit your design/s in 72dpi resolution and we’ll make the actual high-res art happen. If you use or create any graphics that aren’t from our site we will need the high-res (300dpi) artwork to complete the final design, so please keep that in mind. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, don’t be discouraged! I’ll accept sketched-out doodles as well, it’s really all about fresh ideas!

- The button must have “” somewhere on the front side. Artwork should use one of our logos or some of our cross stitch, but feel free to use other elements. Button will be printed in full color.

- Button can be holiday themed or for any time of the year — I need good designs all the time, as I almost always send out buttons with orders.

- Submissions should be sent via email to no later than Wednesday, October 30th at 12:00 midnight Pacific Time.

Are you inspired yet? Get to it! I need you!! Let me know if you have any questions. If you win, I will contact you directly by November 5th. Winning buttons will be presented during November once the buttons are produced - here and on social media - see links at right. 

Fine print: By submitting artwork for this contest, you agree to grant use of winning artwork to Subversive Cross Stitch through December 31, 2014 for the purpose of promotional buttons only. Any submitted artwork that does not win the top prizes will not be used by Subversive Cross Stitch.

Subtly subversive clothes & jewelry

I have loved Locher’s Paris for a very long time–I was so thrilled to discover her site that I even interviewed her once years ago because I had to find out what she was all about. So I was SUPER happy to see that she has added a bunch of new goodies by expanding her clothing and jewelry line. I think we were separated at birth, her stuff is the bomb!! Check out these shirts (you can click them for info):

Also, don’t miss her jewelry, too. I am totally in love all over again!

Breaking Bad, Bitch!

I must admit I’m a little late to the game but we’re catching up, having watched seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad over the past two months. So of course I’ve been waffling about whether or not to stitch the phrases I’ve been jotting down–it’s so tempting, but I feel like it’s all been done. Anyway, how cool was it that Jimmy Kimmel gave Aaron Paul this cross stitch sampler a couple of nights ago? I’ve been trying to find out who created it, but no luck yet. Let me know if you know so I can sing their praises! Cross stitch, bitch!!

Guest Blogger!!

[I LOVE the blog Badder Homes & Gardens, so I was delighted when BH&G's real-life-adorable-and-snarky Nikki agreed to share her recent experience with cross stitch. She talked me into my very first cross stitch get-together, so you KNOW I must like her. Nikki turned out to be my STAR PUPIL! Who knew? xo julie]

Cross-stitch? I’ve never even had my hip replaced! I’m not a card-carrying member of AARP! My pubes are still their natural shade! Well, you get the idea. Cross-stitch is for people that eat LuAnn Platters at 4:00 in the afternoon. Not super rad cat lovers that still watch Golden Girls. What. Fuck. I’m it. I was first introduced to the idea of not-just-for-Gammies cross-stitch while writing a blog called Badder Homes & Gardens. Okay, that’s a lie. Maybe. I bought the Subversive Cross Stitch book before I ever knew Julie Jackson was from Dallas. (And you know the state that executes together, stays together. THAT’S SARCASM.) So Julie was my gateway drug. But once I knew this whole genre of rad ass shit out there I couldn’t be stopped. Well, I could actually because I’m a buyer, not a do-er. So I got the book and tried to cross stitch, but it wasn’t right at all. The book went on my shelf and became the 9,000th project I’d complete someday alongside decoupage-ing, shadow boxes, making Jello and other highly challenging activities.

A year or two went by and it finally dawned on me, “Wait a minute, I know Julie Jackson and that B could teach me to stitch.” So we threw a party with pizza, mini bundt cakes/butter catchers, booze and iced coffee. It was the best night ever and I learned all the tricks of the trade. Namely, separate out the embroidery floss. You don’t need ALL the strings, just two. That’s it. I just revealed the secret to the universe. Was that anti-climatic? If so, re-read it and click this: Daaamn, right? And someday soon-ish I will actually complete my “Don’t Be A Dick” stitchery. Seriously. I will. Get off my back, you’re not my mom. Besides, I’m almost done with the shadow box I started in January. Almost.